Hallo everyone! My name is Federica, and I wanna steal a minute from your day to share with you the short story of my first pad ever! I bought it 5 years ago: a lovely pink with yellow flower flannel medium pad. That thing has witnessed ALL of my parties in my pants, ALL of them!! It has been all over the United States, touring music and puppet shows; several times in Italy to visit mama; teaching art in Mexico and performing in Taiwan, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland. I may forgot some places...Well, we had a great time! Yesterday while I was using it once again (for some strange ritual, it was always the first one on the throne..) I realized that somehow...it doesn't work anymore, it doesn't hold the flow. And with a warm feeling in the guts and a smile on my face, I thought..."wow..you may be done my friend..." and somehow it was beautiful, cause we really had it together, we really did. And I thought I'd share this moment with you, because I really appreciate what you do out there and you have really changed the way I relate to the monthly party in my pants, for the better! Ciao, grazie!


My collection starts with a Cloth Pad Curious Giveaway Demi Liner. Customer service was BRILLIANT! If I had a question, all I have to do is e-mail Party In My Pants and PRESTO! My question magically answered the next day personally without the terrible: Due to the large amount of questions, *name of company* is unable to answer every question personally. Please visit our FAQ page. How irritating right? People e-mail the company becuase they cannot find an answer on the FAQ page. Anyway, back to the pads, My flow has always been in between light and medium, the Demi Liner even works on my period and I can easily wear them for 3 hours. The Medium is so absorbent, it works for my night time and I have not had any leaks! :) I trust that there never will be. The patterns are so cute! The website is easy to move around in, and I love it! I visit it everyday! I love Party In My Pants — they're thin and absorbent and have a so-not-there feel! (provided I wear snug underwear) and this is from someone who cannot even take ultra slim pads of almost any brand. Its easy to wash and not gross at all. I just wish that they had a small pad with a bigger width so that i don't have to rely on a wing extender all the time.



I've been a a fan of PIMPs since '09, when I bought a couple of them along with a DivaCup. It was about a $50 investment to save money in the longrun (which it has!). Eventually I bought a couple of large pads, and about a year ago, I sprung for a Super PIMP. The funny thing is, as soon as I used it, I didn't want to use my menstrual cup anymore. It's amazing, but once you start the transition, it just feels wrong to insert ANY foreign silicone, cotton, or bleached object into your body! I'd also heard rumors that flow decreases when you stop, lo and behold, it's TRUE! I never thought it would be practical to use JUST pads, but here I am, with a much lighter flow and using purely PIMPs. I'm also giving lots of Honeysuckles to my baby-having friends and family. PIMPs have been such a positive for us. Thanks, y'all!!

Austin, TX

I did a lot of research before I bought my first PIMPs. I was very excited, but skeptical about them working. I love them! They don't leak, they don't move — I can't even feel them! I will reccomend them to everyone I know for the rest of time! Thank you guys so much!

Clarksville, TN

Wow, what a great product! My period is very short and I don't bleed much, so I always felt guilty wasting all those trees. Not to mention the comfort factor. Not to gross anyone out, but when you only need 1 pantyliner per day, it can get, well.....sorta icky. Tampons and internal cups are out for me since I don't bleed much. I'll spare you the details, but they're just not a comfortable or practical way for me to go. How thrilled I was when I found Party In My Pants at my local herb store! I bought a couple and couldn't wait to try them. They were even better than I imagined. The comfort level of my period has increased so much that I actually look forward to it. My favorite are the flannel pads because they are so soft I feel like my "girl" gets to be wrapped up in a cozy little sweater and pampered while she's busy doing her thing. I just ordered the thong style and am excited to try them because the only thing I still don't like about my period is having to wear panties that give me lines the whole time. I know they will be just as wonderful as the other pads and I almost wish my flow was heavier/longer so I could wear Party In My Pants more! Thank you thank you thank you!

Albuquerque, NM

I love them! I've been using Party In My Pants since I discovered them at the Winter Solstice Sadhana 2007. I'd tried other cloth pads and was in search of ones that really worked. I can't believe how much better PIMPs are than any others I've tried - they don't leak, last longer, don't stain, and are so incredibly comfortable! In fact, I wish my underwear felt as comfortable as PIMPs - it's kind of nice to wear them all of the time! The most amazing quality of PIMPs is how incredibly absorbent, yet incredibly thin they are. I am amazed! I can't believe how long one lasts on my heavy days, and how it never feels bulky. Also, I purchased all of the overnight variety because they work for everything, for light and heavy days, and they're so comfortable and thin it never feels like I am wearing anything but a soft thin liner anyway! And did I mention that they're beautiful and fun! Seriously, they've transformed my cycle to a time of ease, connected me more to environmental consciousness and my true earth mama nature. THANK YOU!

Espanola, NM

I try to leave the smallest imprint on the environment I can and treat the Earth and my body with respect. PIMPs allow me to do all of this and more ... shifting the way I treat AND view my body. My monthly cleansing time is now welcomed and looked forward to event. It's a playful and creative time now...with so many choices of pattern and color! Thank you!

Madison, NJ

I had shipping problems, not because of Party In My Pants, but because of my weird building. However, PIMP never gave up on me and worked everything out. And I am so glad they did, since these are amazing. I used tampons for most of my menstruating life, but they made my cramps worse and were never reliable. A year ago I switched to disposable pads, vowing never to use tampons again. But organic disposables are expensive, and regular disposables are uncomfortable and lend themselves to chaffing. When I opened the box of PIMPS, I was honestly disappointed. I had obviously been scammed, as these pads were too thin to tackle my heavy flow. But when tried them, they blew my mind. They are about twice as absorbent as ultra thin disposables.

Honestly, Party In My Pants have made my cycle much more enjoyable. The fact that I'm even using the words "cycle" and "enjoyable" in the same sentence is proof of that. They are so easy to deal with, so cute, so comfortable, and so absorbent, that I no longer dread my period. Thanks PIMPS.

Brooklyn, NY

I was a huuuuge skeptic about cloth pads until I decided to go for the Cloth Pad Curious promotion. I fell in ABSOLUTE love with the liner I got, and I just got my first shipment of more! The little chocolate in the package was the icing on the cake! I never, EVER want to go back to disposables again.

Jennifer C
Richardson, TX

When I saw Party In My Pants in a store I thought, "What a great idea" and I bought one hoping it would work, but doubting that it would. Well, two periods later I am in love with PIMPs! They are comfortable, absorbent, easy to wash and fun to wear. My daughter (a former cloth diaper baby) just started her period and is excited about using this environmentally friendly product, so I just bought her her own set. Before I tried PIMPs I was intimidated by the "hassle" of managing reusable pads, but these are easy enough for a 12-year-old to use!

Cedar Rapids, IA

At the risk of TMI, I had the fiercest case of diaper rash during my last two cycles sans-PIMPs. Out of desperation, I tried the cloth pad curious offer and was instantly hooked. One cycle in and I am rash-free as well as leak free! A bonus that I did not anticipate: I can stop wearing my grotty period underwear! Thanks so much for PIMPing out my lady parts for my lady time!



I just want to commend and thank you women for 1) making a practical cloth pad that I love, 2) bringing back real, innovative, craftwomanship that so much of our generation has lost, and 3) putting a real dent in the tragically toxic and unsustainable demand for carcinogenic disposables (plastic pads and tampons). This is exactly the kind of innovation the world needs. Yes, I consider myself an environmentalist, but that's not really why I use PIMPs. I use them because I love them, and as cheesy as it is, they bring me a certain kind of comfort that is absolutely unimaginable until experienced. Yes, I sound like a big nerd, but I mean it! You women are the bomb, and you've saved me at least $200 since I started using these things a year and a half ago.

Austin, TX

I've been using a diva cup and glad rags, sometimes both because I have a heavy flow. I needed a few more cloth pads and I saw all the different kinds in Mothering magazine and was amazed. What drew me to Party In My Pants were the amazing patterns. I bought four as soon as possible and ever since then I've been in love. I always honor my moontime but now I look forward to having a "party in my pants"! LOL! I also want to say that your cloth pads are by far the best there is out there! I thought, "How can thin pads work?" But they absolutely do! Even with my heavy flow! And not only that, they never bleed through, are very easy to clean and they are so happy looking! Thank you for making such great products! I have told my sisters and my friends about you and they are very interested to try switching from disposable products to cloth pads :D Thank you for making such great products! I look forward to buying many more.

New York City, NY

How could I have not known about these before? I've been so used to using disposable pads and tampons that it never even occurred to me that there is a more sustainable option out there. Not to mention a way more fun option. I love snapping little flowers and sharks and mushrooms into my undies! I almost look forward to my period so I can know that my pads are cuter than the underwear I have on. I've been telling all my friends about these little guys and I hope they catch on with them. Thank you so much for giving me a sustainable, comfortable, and cute option for my periods!

Nadia Frock
State College, PA

Since I started my periods at 13 I have ALWAYS gotten a rash from pads I used. I thought it was just a normal thing about periods. I was sitting in diaper at all time for 7-10 days so I figured it was normal to get a sort of diaper rash. Since I got older, I'm 21 now, I have skin that is more sensitive to things because my eczema has been getting progressively worse. I had enough of disposable pads after my last cycle. I got a rash right off the get go so tried a different brand that was supposed to have less chemicals and stuff in it. Well the new pads obviously had more because I broke out into an allergic reaction that was terrible! I had a raw rash, super itchy everywhere down there, and it burned all the time too. I was miserable. So someone suggested cloth pads and they found this site while researching them before their suggesting them. She sent me a link to here and I got so excited just by all of the pretty patterns. I get excited kind of easily when it comes to colorful things lol So I purchased 3 demi liners 3 large pads and 3 overnight pads to see how they worked for me. I love them! I have not gotten a rash or any irritation. I can wear the pad until it is full with out it spelling bad. Plus they are so cute! I was almost sad the first one I used because I got blood on the pretty fabric lol I will definitely not go back to disposable pads ever again and will purchase more of these in the future so I am not washing them every other day.

Youngsville, PA

"I've been using PIMPs since August of 2008 and I absolutely love them! They're comfortable, easy to use, and dependable (I haven't had any problems with leaking and I have very heavy periods). I'm currently using my PIMPs while on vacation in Pakistan, and they're working beautifully. If you're going to travel off the beaten path, I highly recommend using PIMPs. They do have disposable pads here in Pakistan, but they're pricey, hard to find, and in a limited selection. Anyway, I will NEVER go back to using disposable products. I am 100% satisfied with Party In My Pants!"

Dearborn, MI

"Getting my period isn't my favorite thing ever, what with the cramping, the achy back, and the grumpiness... but ever since I've started using Party In My Pants, a lot of my period blues have been blown away. It also doesn't hurt that my boyfriend thinks they're the cutest thing ever. I mean, really, how many times is a dude going to complement your menstrual accessories? PIMPs rock!"

Oakland, CA

I just got my order in the other day and it came so fast! When I opened it, everything was packaged so cute and it even came with a little piece of chocolate :) This is going to be my first time trying reusable pads and I'm looking forward it. Never thought I'd be saying I was looking forward to my period :)


I tried my first PIMP with great trepidation, as the cloth-pad concept was counterintuitive to all the moon cycle shame that had been instilled in me since I was a kid. In the end, it was really the PIMPs' cute animal patterns that won me over. The pads work well, of course, but what I really enjoy is wearing something so agonizingly adorable. If I'm going to try and present myself with style, why not go all the way and make the week o' my moon a little cuter, too?

Ashland, WI

I've been using PIMPs for a little over six months and let me state how grateful I am that I have not ruined another pair of undies since - due to the reliability of the overnight pad. Not only have I saved myself countless hours in underwear scrubbing, but my private parts no longer go through the monthly irritation that the disposable pads once caused........for this, I say thank you!

Ojibwa, WI

I was lucky enough to discover PIMPs when I was 17 (if I remember correctly). I only had to suffer through two years of periods on disposable pads and tampons. I first bought the DivaCup, and was looking for something to absorb anything that leaked through. I got my free giveaway pad, and fell in love. I have to admit that the transition has been slower for me. I am constantly paranoid that I will leak through. However, I have found that these pads don't smell, and they are much more reliable than they seem. Now I can button one on to my panties when I'm expecting my period, and I am not constantly worried that someone will smell that terrible odor that comes from disposable pads. Another plus: my skin doesn't get irritated. In fact, I kind of feel like my nether regions are wearing designer clothes. Thank you so much girls! You rock my world.

Chicago, IL

My sister first told me about Party In My Pants a few weeks ago. She had never tried them either but thought it might be something I would be interested in, since I use disposable pads during my "time" and liners the rest of the month due to a medical condition. After reading pretty much the entire website, I immediately ordered a Demi Liner from the Cloth Pad Curious Giveaway to try. I was so excited to get my little, nicely wrapped, package in the mail (the mini chocolate was a delicious bonus!) just in time for my monthly visit. I decided to do my test run on what is typically my heaviest flow day to see if they really are as good as the website and Gushes say... I was so favorably impressed at my the end of the day that (now one day later) I have ordered several more pads and liners for myself and a few to send to my sister so she can try them too! I plan on building my collection to the point that I won't have to worry about the disposable liners all the time and can't wait to finish using the ones I already have in my medicine cabinet and switch over to PIMP full time! Thank you so much for this product (I'm sure the earth thanks you too ;-D )

Joy F.
Cocoa, FL

I’ve been using Party In My Pants for 6 months now and I can't imagine going back. They're so reliable and comfortable! And I’ve found that there's a psychological benefit as well: I am much more at peace with my cycle and don't dread it or feel ashamed. They're worth every penny and I recommend them to all my friends. Thank you, and keep up the good work!!

Coralville, IA

Been a Party Girl for several years now. Just ordered a trial kit for my pre-but-almost-there-puberty daughter. Sooo happy to have these to give her for the momentous occasion. Wish these were around when I was that age. You guys rock! Power to the Panties!

Brooklyn, NY

I ordered my pads on Friday and received them on Monday. Now that's what I call great service! I can't wait to start my period so I can try them out. Never thought I'd say THAT!

Tucson, AZ

"I've been using Party In My Pants for over a year now, and there is nothing better. The soft cotton, the cute designs, the comfort, and the eco and cost friendliness makes them the perfect pad. I'll never go back to disposable anything. I've even recruited friends and family, and my boyfriend thinks they're adorable. He never said that about my tampons..."

Minneapolis, MN

The pad that you sent me for the "cloth pad curious" had freaking monkeys swimming on it and is the CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I just bought four more pads and I'm officially a cloth pad convert. I'll never use a disposable pad again — why would I when I can wear monkeys and flowers and guitars on my bum? These pads actually make me smile and I don't dread my period. PIMP is so wonderful because women have been taught to refer to their cycle as "the curse" or "that time" — wouldn't we feel more positive about our periods if the philosophy of Party In My Pants was universal? It's not "the curse" — it's The Celebration!

Memphis, TN

"I just wanted to let you know how much I ADORE my Party In My Pants. I bought them as a back up for my Jade & Pearl sea sponge tampons, but I'm tempted to just use the PIMPs instead. They're so comfortable and the designs are almost too cute. I regret waiting this long to ditch those icky disposables. I can't thank you enough for this awesome product. I decided to order a few more to give to my niece. I don't want her to have to wait as long as I did to switch from disposables."

Jacksonville, FL

I've always hated traditional disposable pads and preferred tampons. Last spring I was a nursing mom who was experiencing spotting while weaning off the Depo shot. My nursing mom body chemistry made tampons a no-no and two weeks worth of using disposables had me all too sympathic to my diapered baby. My Mothering Magazine made a very timely appearance in the mail during this time with a wonderful article about cloth pads. I placed an order with Party in My Pants and instantly fell in love. The spotting eventually ended and I've spent the last 4 months wishing I'd get a period so I could use my adorable pads again. I never, ever thought it possible that I would look toward a period with anything other than dread. Thank you to the wonderful women at Party in My Pants for bringing me relief, joy, fun and a new positive connection to my womanhood that I will treasure and some day pass on to my two little girls.

Perkiomenville, PA

"I've tried various cloth pads for over 15 years now, but always had to rely on disposables when I played sports or was teaching. Party In My Pants are comfortable, reliable and easy to carry – they meet all my needs. I bought several for my daughter who just started menstruating and the super cute monkey prints help her to feel less awkward about the changes her body is going through."

Woodland, CA



I want you to know how much your product has changed my life and the lives around me.

I LOVE My Party Pants! I use them daily as a pantyliner and BONUS: Great for crotch perspiration! They are wonderful for tropical weather travel. I took four on my last trip and they lasted 10 days surviving a menstrual cycle, washing in the hotel sink, and drying on a line. I even successfully braved white hotel sheets and white travel pants with zero fallout.

They recently got noticed by my doctor as she was examining me. She was so excited by the concept that she ordered a set of them the next day for herself and her teenage daughter! She even told her other patients about them…can you believe some of them were using diapers or depends?! That was so sad to hear.

They are so cute, and so easy to care for. They are totally effective, and totally discreet. I carry them in my hand out in the open on the way to and from the ladies room at work and it looks like a handkerchief, not a tampon.

I'm your biggest fan. I just wish I could convince my friends who use tampons to break the cycle (ha!)


I'm new to the cloth pad concept, however, I am trying to do whatever I can to aid in making less waste for our environment. I can't wait to get my Party In My Pants cloth pads and try them out!! They are sooooo cute and help the environment, that's a perfect combo! I'm telling all my friends and family about them!!!

Amy B
Chelsea, AL

I am allergic to disposable pads. About two years ago I transitioned to another brand of cloth pads. After reading the reviews online for PIMP, I decided to buy some. These are the most comfortable pads I have ever worn. I also like that you can add another snap so I am not limited to only wearing certain underwear during my period. If you are on the fence, give one or two a try. In my experience cloth pads are actually easier to take care of then deal with the messy, sticky, gross plastic pads.


I'm convinced! After trying out my free mini liner and medium pad, all I could think was, "Why didn't I order more?!" I may have to put up with disposables for the rest of this cycle, but never again! The PiMP pads feel clean and comfortable and breathe really nicely. Washing and drying them was no problem. Thanks for making such a great product!

Seattle, WA

I saw PIMPs in the store when I was like 9 years old, and I was like "when I get my period that's what I'm gonna use!". Then in 2009 one of my friends got them and totally sold me again, so right after I got my first period I went to my local co-op and got some. I discovered that they were really amazing. Once or twice I've had to use disposables, and they are so, so, so uncomfortable. I am so glad I will never have to deal with them! PIMPs also really helped me adjust to the Idea that I got my period, and made it something to look forward to. Thank you so so so much!

St.Paul, MN

I'm a huge fan. I've only been using PIMPs for a short time, but I love them. I was a tampon girl for too many years, always wary of the wrongness of it (the bleached cotton, the throwing away, the industrial complex, etc), and don't get me started on disposable pads. It's hard to reconcile your mind with the nature of your body when you throw, flush and hide away an essential part of womanhood. PIMPs, with their super soft flannel, cute patterns and smart design, help me embrace it, not to mention that they actually work. I still use a cup on my heavy days, but snapping in my snazzy PIMPs makes me feel so much better when I'm howling, make that singing, at the moon. Also, I love being able to support smart, Wisco ladies. Hurray for PIMPs and sock monkeys on pogo sticks!

Milwaukee, WI

"I love the PIMP website. It's so easy to move around and very pretty too! Props to y'alls webmistress. We just started an alternative women's health collective here in Harrisonburg and I've mentioned PIMP to my friends! Thanks for providing a smart and radical alternative for our monthly flow. Love you all!"

Harrisonburg, VA

"I tried PIMPs and I LOVE them! They're thinner than the "ultra thin" disposables I've used and much more comfy. I used to use mostly tampons but PIMPs are all I will use now. I wear thongs and Small and Medium are perfect. PIMPs are more absorbent than disposables too. I was surprised how much they can absorb for how thin they are! Cleaning them isn’t gross either. I dry pail them, rinse them out when I get a chance, and then they go in the wash later. I work 12 hrs shifts at work and have had no problems. I just folded them up and tossed them in my purse until I got home. With as absorbent as PIMPs are I didn’t need as many pads either. Another thing I like about PIMPs is that they are made in the USA. I like that my $$$ is going to some great innovative ladies right here in America.

I'd done lots of reading before I bought PIMPs. I never thought about all the chemicals that are used in the production of disposables and then when I did…I couldn’t stand the idea of using another tampon. Yuck! Not to mention disposables (pads or tampons) are not exactly sterile, and I was putting those things next to some of the most sensitive skin on my body. I feel kind of stupid for not thinking about this sooner. I am very glad that I finally came to my senses.

I really like the idea of being good to myself and the environment (not to mention not giving my $$$ to corporate giants). Disposables have only been widely available for the last 60 year or so. We as women really don’t know all of the long term effects to our bodies (not to mention environment) that may be the result of using disposables. Why risk it? Especially if there is such a great alternative like PIMPs.

If you are trying to decide whether to try cloth pads, I suggest PIMPs. I'll never go back to disposables."

Byron, IL

To be honest, I made my first order with the intention of copying them and making my own. (I'm fairly crafty...and cheap.) There's no way I can match the quality, not to mention the awesome selection of fabrics! I found these to be well worth the dough, and wear well even with bicycling and yoga. The choice of materials also makes these much more breathable and friendly to sensitive skin than disposable pads. After years of dreading pads, I can say it is now a party in my pants!


I ordered a bunch from you after having my baby 2+ years ago. I am THRILLED to see your website looking more fabulous and choices even more useful and gorgeous than just a few years ago. I'm proud of you guys and all that you have done. You Rock!

St. Louis Park, MN

This is the FIRST day in 20 years that I have not used a tampon on day one of my period! I tend to have big GUSHES that come on suddenly...I was so nervous today... but there was no need. Nothing leaked.. everything went great! I used a Super for the morning and a Large for the afternoon b/c I was not flowing that much yet. The flow picked up during the afternoon with a few scary gushes! The Large held WAY more than I expected! Not one drop leaked!!! I rinsed them when I took them off and there is NO staining. It's amazing! I still washed them in the machine and they just get more absorbent with each wash! I cannot WAIT to see what the QUEEN and SUPER can do! I'm just so happy to have a tampon-free day! FAR less cramping. It felt nice to just flow! I am liking this cloth! I DESERVE to bleed on pretty designs! ;P


I love my little pads. Love, love, love, love, LOVE. I wish the joy of PIMPs for every girl!! I love taking care of my little blood suckers – washing them and hanging them to dry. I love the feeling of taking care of myself the (kind of) old fashion way – no need to make waste!

Los Angeles, CA

With a heavy flow, I worried about moving from paper/trash to fabric/earth-friendly (perimenopause is a great curse!); however, I had limited options. Then, the new Whole Foods in Schaumburg, IL opened, I happened upon P.I.M.P. pads, and the woman there gushed over them. I noticed the pads came from close-by Wisconsin and purchased two—one cotton and one flannel—and used them. WOW! I could tell they held a lot, but the level of absorbency hit me when I wore one at home and then rinsed it in the sink. Jeepers! I went back and purchased two more, both flannel for the softness and absorbency. I have returned to the store (they know me well now since I'm a gusher!) and, at week 10, my collection has one medium and six overnight pads which I use for daytime. This is my third period with P.I.M.P. and life is so much better! With a heavy flow, I use three pads during the day, the only noise heard in the workplace bathroom is the one snap—and the itching and complications from tossable pads is history. Since Whole Foods has only a few selections, my goal is to soon visit partypantspads.com to buy a couple Queen size for nighttime, and two extensions.

My advice to anyone who has not yet gone cloth: Take up the offer from the website and get the free pad. #1: You'll be participating in helping a women-owned business while helping the Earth. #2: There will be less smelly bathroom trash. #3. You'll be pampering yourself with some new pretty things "in your wardrobe."

Get enough P.I.M.P. pads to take you through your monthly so you can save your body, time, and money, and feel pretty during your flow. It's time for you to join the Party In My Pants experience!

Chicagoland, IL

I've been using your pads for about a year and I love them (of course)! I always meant to post a gush about them but just never did. Today, I used your "Queen" pad for the 1st time & I knew I had to "gush" about it. I happen to have a very heavy flow often have trouble because it doesn't always settle in the center of the pad—especially when I'm sitting or lying down. The queen pad is so perfect for my needs because it covers me regardless of where my flow decides to settle. After one use, I ordered 2 more and wonder how I got by without them! Thanks for another amazing (and adorable) pad! You ladies & your pads are awesome!

Mahwah, NJ

I had always used disposable pads. I didn't know there was any other option. Then, one day, I got tired of the bladder infections/ UTIs, the smell, the bags of trash. You see, I have heavy flows. I was going through package after package of disposable pads every month. It was disgusting and I hated it. Then I found Party in my Pants and everything changed. I broached the idea with my husband, afraid of what he might say, and I was surprised. He was totally supportive. He loved the idea that we were swapping to something healthier for me and healthier for the environment. I was tired of being disgusted and so was he. He thinks it's funny that I get so excited over the patterns. Every time there is a new flannel pattern I get excited.

Brandi D.

I just got my trial liner and I LOVE it! It got here in record time and it couldn't be more adorable. I've purchased a couple types of cloth pads from various companies (both big and tiny outfits) and yours are the best! The nylon backing is awesome and breathes! I used to be a tampon girl, then menstrual cup, now I'm going all cloth pads! They are just so comfortable and cute! I will be ordering more ASAP! Thanks so much ladies :)


I recently tried Party In My Pants through the Cloth Pad Curious offer and I'm kicking myself for not ordering more at the time! These are such a great product and I'm so glad I can help the environment and save so much money, all while being happy and comfortable during a time of the month most of us dread. I also like how real the creators are and that you get a little note and a chocolate with your order, showing that they really care about making you happy! Thanks so much for making these, you're doing great things!

Lincoln, NE

Thanks to the clever design and overall comfort, I'm officially a PIMP girl. My PIMPs arrived super quick and with a cute postcard courtesy of the brilliant Daum sisters. The cute packaging made me feel like I was getting an unexpected gift! I was (and still am) totally impressed with how cute the fabrics are. I'm anxious to order a few more! The medium was perfect for me on a moderate day and I used the overnight for heavier days. My PIMPS are comfortable BEYOND what I expected and they're super easy to clean. If you're on the fence – cross over to PIMP-town! I promise, you won't regret it.

Cristin Danielle
New Orleans, LA

I never thought I'd actually look forward to having my period! My friend got some of your fabulous pads at a natural food store in Burlington, VT. They looked so cute and seemed like such a great idea, so I thought I'd try a few myself. I was so glad that I could try one for free, but I kind of knew I'd love them so I added 2 to my first order. The package came so quickly and made me so happy, and I couldn't wait for my next period to come. This is a weird feeling after dreading it my whole life! I love having a party in my pants and when it was over I was actually a little bit sad. These pads are the best option ever! I always hated regular disposable pads and tampons and the adhesives on the ones I was using lately were giving me a rash and were so strong, it was hard to get them out of my pants. I just didn't realize there was this other fantastic option. I am so thrilled I found your pads first because they truly work wonders. They don't stick to my skin or my panties, snaps are so much better. I don't even feel like I'm wearing anything thick or uncomfortable and the absorbency of these thin beauties is nothing short of magic! I've since added to my collection and I love them all! The patterns are gorgeous and unique and really do make for a very fun party in my pants :) I was also really thankful for the pad prescription since I had no idea how many pads I would go through and thought it would be much more. I was excited to get my period again, so I could wear them all. I also hand wash mine, just because I love looking at them so much. Thank you for making that time of the month a blessed event that I look forward to. You gals ROCK!

Cress Faye
Boston, MA

As most are, I was hesitant at first to invest in Party In My Pants. And (again most could agree) that my apprehensions were uneccessary, and I'm hooked! I ordered two sets of three, and am looking to purchase a few liners once I can save up some cash. I've used them for 3 months, look forward to using them, and I have support from my boyfriend! We've both stated "I love P.I.M.Ps!" It's awesome that both of us can support them in some way. I'm grateful that I stumbled upon them and all of their awesomeness!

Hancock, MI

I am a true believer!! I'll tell you: I was so resistant at first, but I gave Party In My Pants a try and now I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I am so happy to be helping the environment, too. I have become so much more earth conscious that it has spilled into the rest of my life. It feels so good to help our planet. These girls are true angels. May this company prosper and spread the joy and love!!!

Knoxville, TN

When I first saw Luci selling PIMPs, I thought to myself, "Finally!!" For me, periods have always been accompanied with painful cramps making tampons unbearable and disposable pads are uncomfortable and often ineffective. In reading about the way differing cultures regard this sacred passing of a potential life, I have also come to see the western cultural practice of prescribing tampons and plugs as just another way to contain, control and shame us into thinking that there is something wrong with our bodies. To put an object into our bodies to prevent it from doing what it naturally wants and needs is barbaric, unhealthy and unfortunate. Girls: don't stifle your sneeze, hold back your laughter and above all else let it flow...

Kailua-kona, HI

I was one of the lucky gals to test out the new Queen sized pad and it was fantastic!!! The perfect size for those heavy days or for wearing overnight. I've always had troubles with wearing pads at night. I have to lay on my sides or I end up with stained sheets – but not with the Queen! With the Queen pad, I sleep comfortably knowing that it has me covered. I also love the fact that my pads always come with a personalized hand written note. It just feels great to support a woman owned, environmentally friendly alternative to uncomfortable disposable products. PIMPs make me feel PUMPed about my next menstrual cycle!

Edwardsville, IL

"I love supporting a women-owned, operated, and environmentally friendly company! Thanks for standing up and saying "NO!" to the disposable world we live in AND for creating a truly fabulous product for women's comfort. I love the soft fabric, spanky designs, and spunky attitude you infuse in these pads! I hope that more and more women, especially young women, can benefit from the positive light you shed on being a vibrant woman!

It took me a while to get the right mix, but I finally got through my whole moon time with ALL PIMP pads. It felt really great! I now own just the right assortment of sizes that there is one for every day, and y'all know how different those can be! It felt like a milestone to not use any paper/plastic hair pulling devices. Yipee! The design has improved a lot since I first used them ten years ago. I especially like the small ones, thanks for making those."

Seattle, WA

Dear Luci and Lydia,
I just did an experiment with one of your Queen pads and had to share. I have purchased four of your Queen pads so far. After the first night of using one, I was reasonably convinced they would work but I still had some reservations. I spent years with periods so heavy nothing was leak proof so I am a bit paranoid. I decided today to put the pads to the test. I laid a towel down on the counter, laid out the pad, and filled a measuring cup to ¼ cup. I poured it onto the pad too fast so some of it did run off. I waited until the pad had absorbed it all than poured another ¼ cup on it. I poured slower so there was no run off. I folded the pad in half because the towel was wet from the initial pouring and I did not want that to get the back of the pad wet. I left it alone for 5 – 10 minutes. When I came back, the back of the pad was still very dry even though the pad itself was beyond soaked. It was as wet as it would have been if I had just pulled it out of the washer. I have no more reservations! I have been a cloth pad user for 10 plus years. The switch to cloth was out of total desperation. Nothing disposable was working. My flow was so heavy at that time that I had to use an ultra tampon and two pads at a time to keep from having leaks. Even that only lasted an hour. My flow has lessened to a far more reasonable level but I still deal with gushes/flooding especially at night. Fast forward to a little over a month ago. I was making the third trip in as many months. Of course, my period had to arrive for each trip. My usual supplies are assorted absorbencies of tampons and a long but light flow cloth pad during the day. At night, my “pad” is a cloth PUL backed light/medium flow pad with straps for inserts and a flat fold diaper folded to about 10 layers thick. This results in one seriously thick and uncomfortable pad. It also does not travel well. I left my cloth pads at home and took disposable pads with me for each trip. The last trip I came home with a terrible, terrible case of disposable pad irritation. I had to find something else that works because I was not going through that again. After many hours of internet searching, reading reviews, and watching video reviews I came to your site. I ordered one flannel and one cotton with very low expectations. Something that thin was never going to work! The first night I used the pad I put one of my existing light pads under it. I did not trust it to handle my night gushes and with the wings off center, I was concerned the front would be too short. I woke up comfortable for the first time in years! I did not feel soaked and I was not dealing with all that bulk. The PIMP did its job for 12–15 hours with no leaks at all, so I ordered two more. Even if I wore one of the lighter pads under it, it was better than what I have been doing. The doubts I had about them were nagging at me so I needed to put them to rest. That brings me to today’s ½ cup of water and the Queen pad. I will not be putting anything under them anymore. :) This skeptic is convinced! My birthday is soon and I have put a gift certificate for your site on my list. (Boy, did that start an interesting conversation with my husband). I am not sure I can wait to treat myself to a few more pads!


I ordered Party In My Pants and a few Sckoon brand pads (fat, ugly, uncomfortable) after reading an article in Mothering Magazine. Party In My Pants BY FAR take the cake!!! Not only were they discreetly and lovingly packed (the chocolate was charming!), but they are sooo thin! Which was my major concern. Thin, and comfy, easy to clean and lovely to wear. I actually felt elegant for once during my Lady Time. (My husband even remarked how much he appreciated the lack of noise ;-) They are beautifully made. As an interesting side note: I had read in some blogs that a few women's flows decreased dramatically when they switched over to cloth. I was skeptical. But lo and behold, my Lady Time shrunk from 6 full days, with at least three on the heavy side, to barely 4, and only one day of moderate flow. My cramps were no where near as bad. I am amazed (and horrified that I have been poisoning myself all these years from all the toxic bleaches, gels, and plastics that go into disposable pads). I love these so much I bought some for my sisters, and am going to try to convert all my girlfriends :)

Fairfield, IA

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