I heard about the free liner offer for the pad-curious and decided why not. When my period started a week later, I was actually eager to try it out, and was sad when I had to go back to go back to tampons (which give me cramps) and ordinary pads, which stick to each other a lot better than they do to my undies. I've ordered a bunch more! :D

Los Angeles, CA

I placed my first order several months ago. My husband and I had been talking about the wasted paper and plastic that ends up in landfills from disposable pads and wanted to go with washable cloth – I had for some time when someone in a Yahoo Group mentioned this site. Finding out about Party In My Pants was just what I was looking for! I use them for both menstruation and stress incontinence. They've worked fantastically for stress incontinence! I haven't had any accidents or "leakage" in 3 weeks. I had one at night with a period. With disposables, this was a daily occurrence! Disposables never worked well for me, for this reason plus allergic reactions to the formaldehyde they contain. This past month has allowed me to not break out while using a pad. There's one other thing that I would like to let others know about: The "yuck" factor with rinsing them out or washing them is nonexistent. They rinse out easily, so washing them is less disgusting than washing dishes or nylons - and a lot more fun!

Ponca City, OK

I absolutely love my Party In My Pants pads!! They work wonderfully, clean up beautifully and easily in the washer and dryer, minimize environmental and home trash and hassle, and make period time — dare I say it — even a little fun! I've absolutely never looked forward to changing my pad or tampon before and have always struggled with agonizing cramps, but with the comfort and cute prints on all of the PIMPs, it really feels like I'm nurturing myself and taking care of my body, rather than just slogging through and trashing uncomfortable, irritating, messy disposables. PIMPs are super thin (yet very effective and reliable) and the flannel is very comforting. The way they snap closed makes storing used ones until washing time very easy and they can discreetly be kept in a purse, pocket or in the cabinet under the sink as convenient. Really, there's nothing not to love about Party In My Pants. I truly feel wonderful about supporting the earth, myself, and a regionally owned, women-run company all at the same time. PIMPs have changed the experience of my period, for the better.

Traverse City, MI

I was a hesitant to try cloth menstrual pads, but I figured hey, they couldn't be worse than disposable pads. I own two different brands of pads and pads from two sellers on eBay and PIMP pads are BY FAR my favorite! They are more absorbent, thinner, and just plain prettier. I love them and I do and will continue to recommend them to everyone!

I'm also so glad that I'm able to support this company. Questions I had prior to ordering were answered in a few short hours, both shipments arrived within two business days, the packaging was superb (hello! free chocolate), and the pads are just beautifully sewn. This is literally one of the greatest companies I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. All I can really say is thank you and you have a loyal customer here.

Phoenix, AZ

I've been using the same pads since I was 15. I liked the brand because they made an ultra thin pad that I loved because I didn't feel like I was wearing a diaper. This past year I started to notice an irritation during my period. I thought it was sweat from the summer but it continued into the winter. After much discussion with my best friend, we discovered we were both having similar problems linked to our products. Further research online told me it was a common occurrence. I knew I had to find an alternative...that's where Party In My Pants came in. They were the only site that allowed me to try before I buy. I got the Luxe liner and used it on a lighter day of my period. It was strange at first because I was so used to that other feeling. It was different, like wearing an extra pair of underwear, the cotton was so soft. It never slid out of place. I thought for sure I'd leak but no...nothing. It was wonderful and no itchies! I like that they offer different packs with different sized. Have no fears ladies! PIMP is what you need for a better period. Period!

Kinston, NC

My disposable-pad-allergic teenaged daughter is the reason I ordered the Cloth Pad Curious Luxe Liner in July. She loved it — no skin reaction whatsoever! — and convinced me to try the liner myself. Now we're BOTH totally sold on the comfort, convenience, and savings of cloth pads! No sensitivity issues, no late-night runs to the store when the disposable pad box is unexpectedly empty, no $$$ out of the billfold every month for products that get used for a few hours and then tossed into the trash! Way to go, PIMP! :)

Yorktown, VA

I feel confident, jazzed, and even giddy when I am on my cycle because I have finally found joy and celebration through Party In My Pants. Before I starting using PIMPs, I sincerely used to semi dread my cycle because I didn't enjoy tampons but wore them because they felt thirteen times better than conventional pads. Since I discovered PIMPs, I haven't missed a cycle without them and embrace wearing them. They're such an important piece to understanding your body, it's natural ways, and help you to connect to yourself in ways other products can't always do. I am honored to support such creative women who have worked hard through commitment and love to help alter in a positive way the experiences felt by women during their cycle. I hope more and more women discover them and giggle with gladness and gratitude as I do! Love.

Ashland, WI

I LOOOOOOOOVE my Party Pants pads! I never in a million years thought I would, I was intensely skeptical, but after reading so many positive reviews curiosity got the better of me & I had to find out for myself if it was all true. The only reason I ended up actually TRYING them though was because of your free liner for the cloth curious! I NEVER would have spent the money on something I couldn't return if I didn't love it otherwise. So because you so cleverly offered to let me try for free, I fell in love. Head over heels in love. For the first time in my life I had a period WITHOUT A SINGLE ACCIDENT! For the first time in many years I can actually LEAVE THE HOUSE the first couple days of my period without mishaps or worries--this has totally changed my life! Party Pads (& a new Diva Cup) have given me a freedom I have not ever experienced until now. I have extremely heavy periods & they were always an absolute nightmare of carnage. The liner notes that came with my Diva Cup stated that the average woman bleeds about an ounce over the duration of her period. I release an ounce the first few HOURS of my period, with a total of about 3+ oz over the duration! I literally could not leave the house the first couple of days, even with a super plus tampon & 2 maxi pads!!! But now all that has changed & I am free. Thanks to you and your wonderful product, & the free liner program, I am a new woman. And because I got to try them for free & found that all the positive reviews were absolutely true & then some, I marched right out to Whole Foods & bought myself 3 more party pads for my arsenal & I have never been happier with a purchase. I can't stress enough how great your "free liner for the cloth curious" program is --it made ALL the difference to me--I wouldn't have tried otherwise. The other important thing is that since I tried & was so very impressed, I have been telling absolutely EVERYONE about them & how great they are, & SEVERAL of my friends & family have ordered their own free pad to try based on my rantings!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful life-altering product...it's absolute genius. I can't think of a single purchase in the last several years that has brought me so much comfort, ease & satisfaction for my money. I am on a radically restricted budget & rarely spend money at all but I can say with 100% confidence that these pads were worth every single penny. They are supremely comfortable, soft, well made, shockingly absorbent, pretty & cheerful, easy to care for & clean, a delight to use, & give me a security heretofore unknown to me. Thank you, thank you thank you. I could go on & on raving about these pads, but for brevity's sake, I think you get the jist--I am a VERY happy & satisfied (& profoundly but pleasantly shocked) customer.


I starting buying Party In My Pants when I made the switch to cloth diapers for my children. I had many reasons, but the thought that pushed me over the edge was that my child disposable diapers were doing to be sitting in a landfill, full of my child's poo, for at least a hundred years. Longer than she will be alive. And the same idea was going for all those disposable pads I've tossed since puberty. GROSS! For me, the planet, and future generations. I LOVE MY PIMPs. I'm back again to boost my postpartum supply for the expected birth of my next kid! Having used cloth pads for at least 2 and half years now, they have ALREADY PAID FOR THEMSELVES! Totally worth it. And they couldn't be easier to take care of. No more horrible, smelly trash that nobody wants to empty, and better yet, no more non-biodegradable packets of human waste sitting around for longer than I will exist! Thanks for a fantastic product.

Corvallis, OR

After hitting economic hard times, I finally decided to switch to cloth pads in 2009 because I could see how they would be more frugal than any disposable would be. After using them, I decided that I loved them and would never go back! Three years later, I found that it would be more convienient to add pads to my collection, seeing as the rough patch was over. I had for a long time looked at the Party In My Pants site and was so excited to be able to order. So many choices, so many options! By the time I finally put my order in, I was so excited to actually get my shipment I felt like a kid at Christmas! I was not disappointed! Colorful, cute, frugal, and very comfortable, I have had no leaks, no issues, and (I have to admit) more comfortable in them than my first set I purchased in 2009. They were even put to a serious test right off the bat when my work didn't allow me to change for almost five hours on my heaviest day and I was afraid I might have leaked, oversaturated, or put my trust in a pad that was too thin. Those are fears you have with a disposable—not the high quality of a PIMP! I couldn't be happier! Way to make Wisconsin shine, ladies! The work you do is top notch!

Tina S.
Racine, WI

As you are aware, the question about whether or not cloth pads are more expensive comes up often. Now that I have figured this out for myself I have to share. I have been using cloth pads for 10 years. I switched because I was dealing with 2 issues with disposable pads- lack of length and they could not absorb my floods fast enough. For the numbers to be fair and accurate, I had to calculate the 5 years of the super heavy periods and the 5 years that have been more average. What disposable pads would have cost me over the past 10 years: $2097 for the 5 years of heavy periods (168 pads a period), $1468 for the 5 years of lighter periods but with unpredictable spotting so daily liners got added = $3565 total cost for the past 10 years. The total cost of my cloth pad collection- $952 spread out over the past 10 years (this does include a $100 buffer for anything I may have overlooked. I made some of them and have several different brands). That is a nice whooping savings of $2612. I will grant I am probably an extreme case because of the heavy periods but I still can’t believe the math. I don’t know what floored me more, the number of disposable pads I used during the heavier periods or the cost. Add in the environmental aspects of it, the comfort factor, and the convenience, and I can’t believe I ever used anything else.


I was thrilled to find out that I was pregnant in late July of 2008. Unfortunately, my pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage, which was devastating. I've been a tampon girl (then a menstrual cup girl) for over 20 years – no pads! But when one has a miscarriage, you have to use pads. I did have a few disposable pads around – ugh! Luckily for me, I was able to procure some PIMPs during the course of completing a natural miscarriage. I can honestly say that they were a bright spot in a very sad situation. I was so grateful to be able to be tender to myself with clever, attractive, and super comfortable PIMPs during such a hard time. I got my period today for the first time after my loss and I realized that there's no way I can go back to putting something that hurts back into my vagina – PIMPs only from now on! Thank you for making me feel better!

Chicago, IL

I love my Party In My Pants pads! I have Glad Rags, as well, but I much prefer the thin PIMP pads. My five-year old daughter also thinks the patterns are awesome and we've already talked about her having cloth pads when she's older. I love that once I've invested in the cloth pads, I no longer have to worry about going out to the store every month to buy something I'm just going to throw in the garbage. Since we cloth diapered, it just made sense to invest in cloth pads!

Bloomington, IN

I'm 33 and I'm kinda new to using cloth cads!! I can't believe how absorbent PIMPs are! I was shocked that they absorb that much! They are super comfy, easy to clean and they are so pretty! I will never waste my money on disposable pads again! I wished that I knew about these when I was younger! I'm hooked on mama cloth and these are my favorite!!

Elkmont, AL

For Luci, Lydia, and all your smart savvy helpers --

Just wanted to let you know — I appreciate your mentioning "grandmas" on your website among the ladies these pads are good for. Though we seniors don't talk about it much, I know a lot of us keep buying those big bulky smelly toxic landfill-clogging disposable incontinence pads at the grocery store. Yecchh, not me. I discovered your website just when I really needed something better than wrapping a clean wash cloth around the bottom of my undies. So, thankfully, I've never had to waste my money and my environmental awareness that way.

I've just read through all 28 pages of Gushes and haven't seen even one comment from another grandma about what a perfect way PIMPs are for us oldies to handle urinary incontinence. Gosh, it shouldn't be such a secret! I'm really glad to see how well-liked PIMPs are among all the younger ladies, how comforting they are for both body and mind. I'd have loved to have them available, back when I was 13 years old -- 65 years ago...but I'm so grateful they are here now.

Incontinence happens for me if I don't or can't "go" regularly every 2 hours. You steered me to the flannel Super size pads when I first asked, and after two years they're still great! They work fine and are fun to look at, too. The wing extenders let me spread out the whole width of the pad so it's all available on top for the occasional dribble. Amazing, how much liquid one pad can hold. I've built up quite a collection of pads because I put on a fresh one EVERY MORNING OF THE MONTH, not just for a week at a time -- and I like my big stack of them, all different. They don't stain because I'm long past my "pause." I just lay out used ones to dry (that way, they don't even smell!) and throw them in the washer about once a week with Seventh Generation detergent and a little OxoBrite (thank you for the free sample!). With another clean one in my purse when I go out, I'm ready for anything! ;-D


I've been having this weird spotting that goes on for days and days. It's kind of unpleasant, but with a Party In My Pants liner I'm ready to face the day! No scratchy tampons, no wet, sticky pads, just nice soft flannel against my girly bits and nice clean undies with no worries about leaks. They're awesome!


Thank you for sending me the free Luxe Liner I just received today. I'm completely thrilled about trying the rest of your pads. I just love the quality and designs of your product. I am definitely going to order some more for my friends and family as well to get them to switch over to reusable pads. It's so important for the environment and I just love supporting businesses that are dedicated to making a positive difference.

Sacramento, CA

I became a bit more ecologically aware a few years ago and started using Party In My Pants and a Diva Cup. PIMPs have really made a difference in my life. I'm able to buy all sorts of fancy undies and never fear that they will be stained by spotting. PIMPs are comfortable to wear with any sort of undies, including thongs, surprisingly. They're also really pretty and easy to clean. Best of all, I'm not wasting money or hurting the environment with disposable panty-liners. I went on a volunteer trip to a slum in Africa for a few months and there are just no disposable panty-liners there anyway, so having Party in My Pants pads were life-saving. I recommend every woman buy 3, that's been the perfect number for me. I use 2 a cycle, and keep an extra one folded and snapped up with me always in case of an unexpected start. I don't know the best part; how good I feel about not being wasteful, how convenient the pads are, or how rad the designs are!

Chicago, IL

I received a Party in My Pants liner for Earth Day and it was a wonderful surprise to receive in the mail (along with the organic piece of chocolate inside). Your company makes a great product and I'll be sure to share your site with my friends as well as purchase your products for myself. Thanks!

Eureka, CA

I thought I was highly evolved in my approach to my period, using a little disposable plastic cup each month. I hemmed and hawed, never quite getting around to trying Party In My Pants even though I knew they were better for the environment and my body. But a friend led me to a revelation: the way I was approaching my period mimicked the way a dam approached a river. I finally gave Party In My Pants a try and was an instant believer! I wouldn't recommend anything else, period.

Mountain Center, CA

I just finished my first period since ordering my party in my pants pads... and I have to tell you, I will NEVER go back to using disposables. Not only are they adorably cute(!) but they are SO comfortable (hardly even know it's there!) AND I had NO leaks. THANK YOU for such a wonderful product and bringing a little bit of "sunshine" to such a miserable time of the month! :-)


I've been a PIMP user for years & couldn't be happier. They are a backup for my menstrual cup & I've never had a problem. I even used them for the heavy bleeding after the vaginal births of my three boys. What a relief it was to ditch those nasty huge hospital pads for my lovely cloth ones! They are beautiful, comfortable & durable. And the thong pad...simply brilliant! Thank you so much. The world needs more women like you two!!!!!

Klamath Falls, OR

I ordered my PIMPs last Monday, i am so excited for them :D It feels like waiting for Christmas!

Orlando, FL

I made the switch for my son to cloth diapers right before his first birthday. I instantly fell in love with them and have never looked back. About six months after switching him over I began to wonder if there were something for me. I didn't have any friends that used cloth pads or even knew of them. Then I found this website, fell in love and ordered enough to cover my entire flow. I LOVE THEM!! So much!! I have never looked back and I actually dread using something else if I get surprised. They are so comfortable and so pretty that my period is, for the first time, very enjoyable! I have told all my friends and will continue to tell them. I love cloth pads!

Sioux Falls, SD

PARTY IN MY PANTS INDEED!!!! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. I received my package just in time for the last few days of my cycle. I can't believe I'd never thought about reusable pads before. It's not that I wouldn't have considered them (I would have been all over 'em). I just didn't know they existed! I read about you in Mothering magazine and am so grateful I did. Not only do you have super cute designs/fabrics, but how could I not purchase something from a company called Party In My Pants? Thank you ladies, for doing what you are doing and offering up such great product. I was surprised at how thin and yet effective your pads are...not to mention how much more comfortable they are from regular disposable pads - it's like I'm not wearing anything at all! I am going to post the Mothering article at the yoga studio where I teach & practice in hopes to encourage others to try reusable feminine products. The fact that I am now actually looking forward to my next period may not be a surprise to you, but it certainly is to me!

Metamora, MI

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you. Isabelle received her package today and she was thrilled!!! She went over every item very carefully – did I tell you she is only 9? After inhaling the chocolate and carefully putting everything in the carrying bag, she said, "Grannie, I love these. They are beautiful and I can help save trees. They make me feel really good about my body." Thanks, Gals. Well done.

Angie & Isabelle
Savannah, GA

"After spending a long, dreary day (it's been rainy for days) cleaning the house and doing laundry, I was delighted to get my box full of pads! It was like a present ~ complete with card and wrapped in pretty paper! It was so much fun to open the box and look at all the pads. As soon as the load of baby diapers is done, I'm gonna wash 'em and get 'em ready to use. Now I can't wait to get my period! Thanks a lot!"

Bristol, RI

My daughter gave me a Large size pad because she knows I have trouble with the perimenopausal flooding. I am forever outdoors, on a horse, a bike, kayak, skis, or trail. Disposable pads shred and bunch and disintegrate with the sweat and exertion of extreme sports, and I was anticipating a few more years of planning my escapades and races around my periods. With my PIMP pad, I have no fear of the problems that I was encountering with regular pads and tampons. I'm totally sold and will be placing an order with my next paycheck.

Cedar, MN

"I love these things! I've been using a menstrual cup for about a year, and before that I used tampons for 17 years. I had tried other reusable pads before, but they weren't for me – the removable cores would move around, and they were not long enough for my medium to heavy days. Smaller PIMPs are a great backup for a cup on my heaviest days or when I'm going to be away from home for a long time. I also use them by themselves at night. I can't believe how much they absorb! It's practically magic!! I've been slowly building up my collection. Thanks so much for making PIMPs!!"

Denver, CO

I hate getting my period, mainly because it doesn't jive with my more boyish ways. But Party In My Pants designs are so fun, I can't help but smile when I use them :) The cowboys are my favorite.

Milwaukee, WI

As a tampon user for the last 10 years, the idea of anything pad related sounded like an absolute nightmare to me. I’d really come to believe that tampons were easier and less messy. At the same time, I couldn’t ignore that fact that tampons were unhealthy for me to use non-stop. I decided to give my body "a break" at night and bought my first Party in My Pants pad...presto-chango! Since then my life has been turned around – no more tampons for me! Party In My Pants aren’t messy, bulky or hard to use. In short, they’re nothing like those nasty synthetic disposable pads. You’ve gotta try a PIMP pad to believe!

Portland, OR

Finally, something to make getting your period fun! Let's celebrate being women!

Cornucopia, WI

I first saw the mention of Party in my Pants on a blog of a budgeting, homeschooling mama. I KNEW there was no way it could be the link to something dirty, so I had to see what it could possibly be. Reusable menstrual pads?! For about 30 seconds I was horrified. And then I started to wonder how something that seemed so obvious had escaped me for so long. I typically consider myself pretty up to date, but I had no idea that there was an option other than horrible tampons and disposable pads. Plus, I had no idea that the tampons I used exclusively were contributing to my horrible cramps. When I didn't have to take a single ibuprofen during my first period using PIMPs, I was hopeful, but aware that it could be a fluke. Once a year or so I have an easy month, to be followed by horror the next. Now I have a second month down, and it was just as easy as the first. Thank you so much for giving women an option that is healthier for us, and the earth!

Ada, MI

Hi gals! I've been using your products for a couple of years now and have been slowly adding to my stash of pads. I love them. They're comfortable and work really well. I use mine for both light days, in tandem with a diva cup, and I use the regular size for everyday (I'm curvy and find that the regular length works better than the shorter-liner specific-pads). I'm now ESPECIALLY pleased to learn that you're a Wisconsin-based company. That makes me feel even better about my choice since I can support an independent company in my own state. Thanks for making a great product. Even my oldest pads show very little wear or fading after nearly 5 years!!

Manitowoc, WI

These are the best pads ever! With sensitive skin, a heavy flow and frequent UTI's, there weren't many options for me. I dreaded my period. I couldn't use disposable pads--the smell, the leakage, not to mention they made me sick.

Tampons weren't much better, with all the chemicals and dryness. I knew there had to be a better way. I found the Diva Cup, but I still needed more protection and saw Party In My Pants pads on the shelf.

Deciding on flannel, I tried one as soon as I got my period. I was comfortable, with no leakage, and no UTI! I love helping the environment too, and the ability to wash them is awesome. It's so nice to have my flannel PIMPs that I actually don't dread my period now. Thank You.

Julie G.

I'm in LOVE! I've tried other cloth pads before, these are by far the best. Others wear out much quicker than they claim to, and can get "crusty" after washing. Not these. Super protective and soft. Also, you can fold them up like a little square and it's not so obvious looking in your purse or in your hand on the way to the bathroom. Plus the designs are so cute! Just placed my second order in new fabrics :)

Troy, MI

I'll admit, at first I was skeptical. Party In My Pants seemed kind of gross. But then I tried one and my JJ has never been happier! I used Party In My Pants all day and even went to the gym in it! I loved how I didn’t feel like I was wearing a diaper! I’m a believer!


Thank you for such great products. I love my pretty new liners and pads! I am happy to be eco friendly! Just pop these cute little pads/liners in the laundry! It's actually made my period more fun because picking out a pad is like picking out the rest of your outfit! (hmmm.. which cute pad do I want to wear today?) I love the convenience of cloth pads because I don't have to worry about smell or irritation. No chemicals where they aren't supposed to be! These are the cutest, thinnest, most reliable pads I could find! I love your prices as well as the fast shipping. You have sold be for the rest of my menstruating days and I'm only 19! :)

Winston Salem, NC

Ladies—thank you. I've been "cloth pad curious" for a long time, and finally decided to take that final step thanks to your liner giveaway. I've been using a menstrual cup for the past year, but sometimes I long for the simplicity of a good ol' pad. I am delighted with my PiMPs! I love supporting women-owned small businesses, and your product is simply wonderful; cute, comfortable, well made, and super effective. The happy patterns make me smile every time I go to the loo! I just ordered two kits for myself, and plan to "gush" to all my friends. Cheers!

Salem, OR

I have ALWAYS hated "that time of month" — everything about it; the idea of it, wasting my money on products, the products themselves...until I tried cloth pads.

For the first time ever I actually look forward to it. I don't have any of the discomfort I had using tampons and disposable pads now that I switched — what took me so long!?

Never going back to what I used to use — better for the environment, more comfort for me, the pads are cute & fun and I save money. Everybody wins ;)

Melissa I
Royal Oak, MI

I tried the Cloth Pad Curious sample and it worked out so well that I just placed an order for 3 more! I love the name Party In My Pants (and the little chocolate, so cute) which has a positive happy attitude. I'm currently needing them as a back up to an Instead softcup, which is working great now but I just ordered a Lunette cup to try. These are so much more comfortable than the plastic and expensive disposable pads. I can't believe the difference. I am so glad I tried this!

Fort Smith, AR

So excited to come home to my package from Party in My Pants!!! I got the free cloth luxe liner last week ... loved it so much I washed it everyday so I would not have to use disposables.. the only thing I hate it not having found out about PIMPs earlier! Having to wear a liner everyday is a bummer but not anymore thanks to PIMPs .. I have a drawer full of disposables I can't bear to even think of using ever again ! thank you Luci & Lydia for your awesome product & superior customer service ! I am happy to say that I'm a customer for life !


Luci and Lydia — Thanks so much for the lovely note with my latest order of awesome pads! I posted it on my dorm room wall for a spash of color! Also, so happy I got one of the last hemp/silk pads - sooooo comfortable! Woohoo, PIMPs!

Atlanta, GA

You can laugh, but I originally started my search for non-disposable female products while building my go-bag for the zombie apocalypse. I figured when the sh*t hit the fan I wouldn't be able to use "normal" products, so I had better have a Plan B. After many google searches and talking to friends, I decided to try a feminine cup. But I always have a couple light days before and after my 2 heavy days, so a cup wasn't practical for my whole period, and that's when I found PIMPs. And I love them!!!! I only have a couple liners so far, but they were the best idea!!! They're so easy to clean, they're cute, very absorbent, and I am sad that I didn't discover them earlier. Even my husband thinks they're awesome hahaha. I will be ordering more!!! And telling anyone who will listen about the awesomeness that is PIMPs, naturally.

Newport News, VA

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