Hi! I have to tell you how much your pads have affected my quality of life. As a baby, I was allergic to disposable diapers and my mom had to get a cloth service. I am not able to use internal menstrual alternatives and suffered with store-bought pads for years. Not only were they ill-fitting due to my plus-sized body, but I would get the worst rash and as soon as it would clear up, my cycle came and I'd start the process all over again. I searched and searched for a decent alternative. Your pads were consistently rated very highly and I had to give them a try. First, they are so much more comfortable than what I was using. I just had my yearly exam with my GYN and for the first time in years I didn't need her to write me a prescription to treat that horrendous allergic rash! I bought my first pads over a year ago and they still look new. The construction is amazing and the prints make me smile. I've never, ever had a leak. Your pads fit my body beautifully. Plus, your customer service is incredible. I've always gotten prompt, kind responses to even my most ridiculous questions. I wouldn't say I look forward to my period every month, but I don't dread it anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely...you've changed my life!

Amanda—Yardley, PA

Thanks to some pretty serious allergies, even regular pads became intolerable so I ordered my first PIMP pads out of desperation. Despite the skepticism that a few of my friends had regarding effectiveness and the cleaning factor, I used them for the first time this month. Not only are these pads much less bulky and awkward looking than others I looked at initially, I can say that they are actually comfortable, discreet and do the job they are intended for. My first round with the washing machine also says they are easy to take care of. Thank you for taking the allergies out of my period and giving me back my sanity!

Ann Arbor, MI

Just wanted to drop you a line, I am SO grateful for your company and the quality of the products you offer. I have been using your products for years, and they last much longer than I originally planned...AND my periods got easier when I started using them. They are so much more comfortable than disposable pads, and they even work more effectively! I have very few leaks, when leaks used to be a common issue for me. Plus I love that I am doing something good for the planet and supporting women in small business. Thank you so much!

Robin—Leominster, MA

I want to just extend the biggest thank you to you! I just got my package of pads yesterday, only a day after ordering! I had purchased a few pads at a local co-op and fell in love and finally had to order a full period supply worth. I've never had the most body-positive view of my period, and since my husband and I have been trying to conceive these last few months I've come to dread and hate my period even more. But this shipment arrived just in time for my period to start, and as weird as it sounds these pads help me accept my period more and remind me that my cycle is what makes a pregnancy possible, so I have to welcome all parts of my cycle. It's crazy how pads can mean so much! But I felt like I had to tell you how much these pads have helped me. THANK YOU! 

Burnsville, MN

I was really excited for my PIMPs to come. When they did, it was great – the packaging made me feel like it was a special gift with the tissue paper, my new PIMPS, instructions and a handwritten note! A few weeks later I finally go to try them out. It's been a great few days – well actually not, but it was in no way because of my period. I barely even noticed it. I've used disposable pads since I started my period and leaked through them at least once every period, usually during the night. This past week...not once! I still can't believe it. I was expecting to be impressed but wow I've been beyond happy with PIMPs! I recommend trying them out – I mean look at the $2.99 deal! You can't even buy a pack of disposables for that. Why not? Afraid you will like it? I bet you will.

Monica - Denver, CO

My collection started with the free Cloth Pad Curious Liner and I love it – it even worked on my heaviest day. Since then I've added more pads and liners to my small collection. I can't wait until my period starts to try them out. I'm saving up so I can add more! I also introduced my two younger sisters to the website and showed them a few liners. They love all the cute patterns and fabrics they come in and they picked out a few liners for themselves. It's nice to know that my youngest sister (who is 9) knows that she is doing good for her body and the environment by starting off using cloth pads. I hope my sisters never have to go through the worry and discomfort from disposables as I did. My boyfriend surprisingly didn't run and hide from my PIMPs. Then again, he didn't run and hide when I asked him to come with me to buy some tampons, he also carried them for me, and went by himself to get them for me. :P I'm still trying to get him used to the idea of the Diva Cup, but its not working – he runs and hides. I love my PIMPs! I can't wait to get more.

Caelynn—Fort Frances

Thank you Party In My Pants, your pads are amazing! I finally had a chance to use them a couple weeks ago. They were so comfortable, no leakage, and no smell. I don't know why I didn't find out about this sooner. I also have a nickel allergy so the nickel free snaps are great. I finally don't have to wear something that makes me feel unhappy and like I'm wearing a diaper. I just ordered some more pads to add to my collection so I can start switching completely over to reusables. Goodbye disposables! :D


So done with tossing out 1000s of pads every year and so done with wearing a saddle for a week every month. While looking through Eco family blogs I saw a link to Party In My Pants. After reading all the great feedback, I placed an order. Shipping was fast and the little note with an organic chocolate was a very nice touch. At fist I had my doubts because they are so thin and I'm a heavy bleeder. Today I started and I had clients coming into see me. This is one time I don't need a leaking pad. Well low and behold, my flannel overnight PIMP held up great no leaks and it stayed in place. Came home tossed my pads in the washer and hung them out to dry. Nothing went into the trash today and this made me a very happy hippie girl. Thanks so much ladies for a great product

Jessica—Phoenix, AZ

I got a sample liner from PIMP and immediately fell in love. I bought a full set within the week, and after getting them in the mail am absolutely in love. The price point is a bit higher than other cloth pads on the market, but the quality really makes up for it. They are not at ALL bulky, and the prints are just adorable. I scoffed when people said they were looking FORWARD to using these things, but call me a convert, because I'm totally there. Awesome product, couldn't recommend more.

Angela—Boulder, CO

So I'm a tampon girl. Ever since the 6th grade. I've even switched to the tampons with the no applicator – I hated using so much plastic every month. I was visiting a friend in Ashland, WI and I saw a cute flyer. I was so impressed that there was actually a way to have my period without harming the environment to harvest cotton, or run the factories that produce the tampons. So I bought two PIMPs and let me tell you that it really is a Party in my Pants. The soft flannel is just like underwear and I forget I'm on my period. I still wear a tampon on my first day, but it is nice to not have to buy a box a month. You should probably buy a PIMP, because you will definitely like them!!

Rachel—Madison, WI

I love my PIMPS! I am a total convert. They are so much nicer than disposable pads. They are not as gross, are ridiculously easy to wash, and the fabrics are really cute! My husband does our laundry, and he wants to know how the PIMPS stay so nice and virtually stain free... Quite a compliment from a guy washing menstrual pads each month! Thank you so much for such an awesome product :)

Jennifer—Erie, CO

I am three. Luci gave me my very own mini party pants. It's good for when i wait 'til I really gotta pee. It catches my dribbles. And it's cute and cozy. When I grow up I wanna work for Luci.

River—Mason, WI

I have been using Party In My Pants for a few months now, and it has really been life changing, no joke! I have stress incontinence, so everyday I had been a slave to the disposable panty liner, itching and chafing were my best friends, plus so much waste and consumption as a result. Now that I have PIMP, I'm comfortable and happy! Now on my period I don't have to spend my money on disposables I just pull out my bag of fun patterns and I am good to go. Make the switch you won't even miss your liners and tampons I promise!

Laura—Austin, TX

I was really skeptical about using a pad that my roommate ordered for me for Christmas, but I tried it out and I have been successfully converted to being a party princess. I'm really happy with the way they feel and my skin thanks me every month! I feel better about wasting less as well. Thank you!

Elise—Fargo, ND

I was a little skeptical about reusable pads. I thought it would be a messy hassle, but I thought it would be worth a try. I tried the free pantyliner give away. I was super impressed! It was so comfortable! And no odor!!! But I wasn't quite sold on them yet... I have very heavy periods and didn't have much confidence that I would not have leakage, etc with the reusable pads. So I ordered a starter kit to test it and I am SOLD! No leakage, no odor, and my periods seem to have shortened as well (I have used them for 2 periods). I also had chronic vaginal pain and discomfort (both inside and out) for the past 10+ yrs and since I haven't been using chemical filled disposable products, it is now a thing of the past! I used a disposable pad one day in a crunch and the pain/discomfort returned. I had always thought that it was something I would just have to tolerate for the rest of my life, but I don't have to now! That is so super exciting for me! I'm so glad I discovered PIMP pads!!! I will never go back!

P.S. I tried another brand that was a bit "cheaper" and they did not even compare to PIMP!

Jessica—Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you so much to the wonderful, fabulous, smarty pants, party pants women. This product is great on so many different levels. The bottom line is that they work. The fact that these pads are great for the environment, extremely comfortable, and make my heart sing every time I put them on is just frosting on the peanut butter cup."

Stefanie—Milwaukee, WI

I love these pads! Previously, I found myself dreading my period because of how uncomfortable using tampons can be. I get excited to wear these and cleaning/ taking care of such aesthetically pleasing and comfortable pads is fun and feels empowering. My personal favorites are the super pads in organic flannel. Comfortable and so reliable! I have never bled through—even on days that I forget I'm wearing one because of how absorbent and comfy they are. Fantastic!

Lauren—Boston, MA

I love Party In My Pants pads! They are so comfortable and cute! I am happy that they are good for our health and the environment, too! I haven't been able to use all of mine yet, and am anxiously awaiting my next period. Actually, this is one of the very few times in my life I can say that I look forward to getting my period. I wish I had found out about them sooner! I will forever be a PIMPs (Party In My Pants) lady! Keep up the good work!

Kristi—Atlanta, GA

I love my PIMP pads for their infallible nylon backing and radiant colors. Every morning I open my underwear drawer to find them beaming up at me, singing just wait! And then, finally. The magical 6 days arrive when I can draw out the pads and carry a bit of song and sunshine throughout my day. Visiting from Chicago, Ashland, Wisconsin is a wonderful area for outdoor exploration and small-town creative ventures. I'm proud to know that you are completely Made in America. The next time I come up to kayak Lake Superior, I hope to stop in your shop and say hello!

Mel—Chicago, IL

I just ordered my first ever set of cloth pads from here and I am already in love. The cotton material is amazing and feels so light, not being weighed down by a heavy pad is awesome. I'm loving specifically the small pads, they are so comfortable and perfect for a smaller-sized lady like myself. Anything longer/wider would be a bit too much for me. My order also shipped very fast and I definitely believe my money was well spent. In fact, I'm finding it difficult to resist buying more :)

Kay—Albuquerque, NM

I just recently ordered the cloth pad curious pad, and the mini pad kit. When I got it in the mail I was so surprised the package was so small! It was a pleasant surprise to see how small the package was, compared to some others from other companies I've gotten. The pads themselves are beautiful and SO THIN. I love how thin they are. For that reason alone I will be buying more later. I was also touched by a very sweet, hand written note included in my order thanking me for my purchase and telling me how much they value my support and hope to continue serving me with their products. Not to mention that delicious chocolate they included. :) Will definitely order more and continue checking back for new cloth selections. I think I'm starting to get addicted to collecting cloth pads in limited edition patterns!


I just passed the one-year anniversary of being an official PIMP mama! With my fresh, fly leopard print pads, the lovely pin up girl one, and the little fluffy cloud one, there's no going back.


Recently I discovered the wonder of cloth pads and I have never been happier! For years I've used disposables with not much joy involved. I've always dreaded my period because it meant another week of sleepless nights, heavy bleeding, icky smells, awkward adjusting, and that disgusting "wet" feeling. I'd also break out into an itchy and painful rash which would last another two weeks. I was miserable! I couldn't take it--there had to be a better option. Surely someone had figured out a better way than this? And that's when I stumbled upon this website. It was like I'd been in the dark for years and suddenly saw sunlight. Needless to say I ran full force towards it and have never looked back. I am no longer miserable. That horrible rash that I had? GONE. And that disgusting "wet" feeling that I always accompanied my cycle? That's gone, too! Seriously, I didn't even know that was possible (I always thought that was normal). But PIMPs have kept me so dry (not to mention they're so thin)that I almost forgot that I even had a pad on! For the first time in twelve years I actually slept through the night while on my period. That has NEVER happened. And because of the breathable fabric there is no smell of any kind. I even got a bonus surprise: my periods are actually shorter and a little lighter now! Now I'm certain that the chemicals in my disposables were harming my body more than I imagined. To think I could have had this joy years ago! Party in my Pants has improved my life in so many ways and I really can't thank these ladies enough for their product. Now because of PIMPs I look forward to my period and enjoy every minute of it!


I’ve never had a leaky accident with Party In My Pants, which I can't say for any other menstrual helper, be it conventional pads, tampons, what have you. Also, they're soft and comforting, and I look forward to snapping the cute flannel prints into my undies each month. Party In My Pants make menstruating way less of a drag.


Oh how I love my PIMPs! I used to use tampons and they'd just suck the moisture right out. Disposable pads = way too uncomfortable and not at all eco-friendly. When I was finally introduced to PIMPs this year it was like a whole new world opened up to me. Pretty pads that are ultra thin, soft, fashionable and best of all re-usable? I'm all over it! I love my body and I love PIMPS!

Summer—Seattle, WA

At first, I was kind of grossed out by this idea. But after thinking about all the money I spend and the waste I produce, that grossed me out more! I bought four pads and am transitioning. But I love them! It feels like I am wearing extra comfy underwear. And they are so absorbent, even more than super absorbent disposables. And they are so cute! :) I love looking at them. And it's not gross to wash them out...it's like washing my underwear! I am definitely going to buy more.

Kris—Madison, WI

I've been using disposables ever, and ultra thins came out only years after puberty. I hate the smell of the pad once it has blood on it, and I know it's not my own odors. Plus, the top layer of the pad separates slightly and sticks to my lovelies! Tampons scare the bejeebers out of me because of the risk of toxic shock syndrome, drying, pH disruption, and other nasties they cause. Ugh, why did it have to be like this for so many years? I can't wait until my next period to try out PIMPs! I love all the extras you sell, too, and I am so glad this company exists. You are changing people's lives and minds I believe for the better. I already feel more loving toward my own body, and I haven't even tried PIMPs yet!

Archana—Evanston, IL

Oh wow where do I start...First of all I would like to thank Lydia and Luci Daum for the AMAZING customer service they always provide themselves and not automated...and for the AMAZING idea of making these incredible and fun pads for women to actually embrace and enjoy being on their period!!!! Seriously, what an awesome concept...amazing and fun patterns and they are so comfortable, breathable and light even when your flow feels heavy, they still have you fully covered!! It's liked menstrual insurance!! ;p I'm a nurse and a snowboarder and having such a go-go and active lifestyle it's hard to keep up, but thanks to PIMPs I barely think twice about changing a tampon since I don't wear them anymore. I was recently diagnosed with Hynmin syndrome, a form of very painful IC (Interstitial cystitis) which is a bladder disease that causes spasms that feel like a constant bladder infection, but they don't go away with medication like a UTI infection...these spasms are sometimes triggered by even the use of thong underwear or a tampon...cloth menstrual pads also don't have any chemicals in them like disposables so they are definitely non-irritating and VERY comfortable!!!! Thanks so much Lydia and Luci. Keep up the amazing work gals ;p <3 Kristi Lynn

Kristi Lynn—Duluth, MN

I really just wanted to say thank you Party Pants Pads! I have hypothyroidism and I just received my first period after 2 years of secondary amenorrhea. Since I use cloth pantyliners every day, I decided why not use cloth pads too right? Well, let's just say my lady parts are making up for lost time! I was using pads which were too small and didn't fit right. At night I was waking up twice at night to change and I was using the pads plus prefold cloth diapers on top of them. The amount of laundry was overwhelming and I was getting really frustated. I just got my Mama-rama cloth kit and let me just tell you that they are wonderful. I'm really glad that there is a good company out there that can let me have my cloth even during my crazy heavy period! I'm so thankful. The products are so comfortable, thin, and pretty.

Christina—Carmi, IL

I'm 8 months pregnant with my 4th baby and decided that since I use cloth diapers, why not cloth pads too? I just got my Party In My Pants today in the mail (only three or four days since I ordered them BTW, thanks for the super fast service :) And they look great! I ordered the kit specified for postpartum use and also got a few extras. I must say, I wasn't sure about how well they would work for post-baby until I opened the package and saw them. I think they'll work great and packed them into my hospital bag with a smile. Now I REALLY can't wait for this baby!

Rachael—Parkesburg, PA

When I get my period, and I'm huddled over in pain from cramps, it puts a smile on my face to put a Party In My Pants. My pants deserve a party at that point! And even better, I gain peace of mind knowing that I'm not contributing to any landfills, not poisoning my body, and that I'm supporting another progressive, woman-owned small business.

Davina—Salt Lake City, UT

I just can't say enough thanks for taking what is sometimes viewed as a should-be-hidden, even embarrassing, bodily function, and making it just a bit easier to deal with, absolutely normal, and even fun. It helps me be a better role model for my daughter - seems like a lofty task for a simple little pad, but it's true!

Brooke—Minneapolis, MN

I ordered my pads a week ago, after hearing about the Cloth Pad Curious offer. I was just going to try that, but then I saw all the cute designs and read all the nice comments about them. (There's also been raves about them on LiveJournal) so I splurged a little. A few days later I received my pads in a care package like box. Wrapped up pretty with a sweet note, chocolate, a pad extender, and a sample of pad cleaner powder. It was incredibly thoughtful! As for the products I ordered: my three year old daughter swiped my eye mask as soon as she saw it, and the pads are wonderful. (No more diaper feeling.) Thank you so much!

Jenny—Lake Zurich, IL

"I’ve been using PIMP pads for over three years now, and they’ve definitely changed my life and my attitude towards my period! The fun colors and patterns keep me looking forward to the next party, and the fact that they are reusable...well, that's the best part of all. No waste, just pure soft cotton bliss!"

Sena—Pittsburgh, PA

I do not like wearing pads. They always irritated me and felt uncomfortable which is why I always decided to use tampons. However, after doing research about the dangers of tampons, I decided to see if there were any other options out there. I stumbled across Party In My Pants and I was intrigued. I decided to give it a try and I can not even begin to express what a great decision that was! They are SO comfortable. It literally feels like your are wearing your normal undergarments and the natural material against your skin feels great! I'm no longer uncomfortable while I'm on my period nor do I feel like I am wearing a diaper! I wish I would have know about this sooner and I would 100% recommend this to my female friends!


I just wanted to say thanks and double thanks for such a great product. I love cloth pads and I've tried a lot of the cloth pad brands out there. I keep coming back to my Party In My Pants. I flow like a red Niagara and I know that I can trust my PIMPs not to leak, no matter what position I am sleeping in at night (no more curling up in a strategic ball for me). I've also been so impressed with how well they hold up as compared to other brands. They still look as good as when I got them (more than 2 years ago). Thanks for a wonderful product.

Sara—Denver, CO

I just wanted to say that I recently had to have surgery, and a friend gave me the gift of 4 Queen pads. I hadn't had time to get more, and was busy with so many other things that it just slipped my mind. I'm allergic to latex, and very sensitive to disposable pads, and I was already emotionally pretty at the end of my rope. Having to face that discomfort and pain on top of everything else just left me speechless — and then she grinned and showed me Plaidypus, Gnomeman's Land and Harmony pads.

It made such a difference. I felt much less clinical and detached from my body. Instantly, I felt much more caring and cared for in terms of it. I thought the pads were important and wonderful BEFORE this, because disposable pads aren't an option for me, but this really made the psychological aspect of Party In My Pants essential. Thank you so much for continuing to make them — I hope your success is enough so you never stop.


I've been a cloth pad user for almost 20 years. Some pads I made, some not. Party In My Pants are by far the best. They last eons and I don't need more. But they are wooing me and I am buying more. I look forward to my moon days and seeing the colorful stack of Party In My Pants in my undies drawer!

Jules—Milwaukee, WI

Hi, I just ordered my second batch - the first one was only a few pads as an experiment. I've found that they're more comfortable than disposables. Getting the package itself was a lot of fun and felt like a surprise present - nice wrapping paper, and some chocolates tucked in. The thing I like best about these is the "You don't have cooties" factor. Using these, I feel a lot less like menstruation is something that has to be hidden away and not talked about. I mind a lot less if my boyfriend glimpses me wearing one, and changing them feels a lot less icky. I think this is partly because they're not something to be thrown away, so feel more like clothes than glorified toilet paper, and partly because the bright print fabrics mean that the blood stands out a lot less. My boyfriend has been extremely cool about this (not so much taking it in his stride as a blasé shrug), and in fact asked me why I was still buying disposables the last time we were in the supermarket. Thank you!


I've been using a menstrual cup for a year and wanted something more comfortable than a disposable pad for backup (disposable seemed to be defeating the purpose) when I'm not on the pill. Party In My Pants sent me my first cloth pad and I am trying it out for the first time truly surprised at just how absorbent it is... and this is just a pantyliner! I'm promoting Party In My Pants at women's health nights at my university as soon as they get up and running!

Kayla—St. John's

What can I say? PIMPs are the best thing to happen to me since I started having a period. I became a reusable convert back in September(2012) as an act of desperation. I have fibroid tumors so my periods can get really heavy, and I get would get extremely cramp-y and moody. The free sample was amazing, much shorter coverage-wise than I need, but it was so comfortable I ordered a Mama-mini Kit and a couple extra Overnights. The Queen and the Overnight offered the length and coverage I knew I needed from disposables usage. My first reusable cycle was with PIMPs and a DivaCup. I found that PIMPs were so comfortable that I would forgo the menstrual cup during the evenings and at night. And in months where my cycle is just hell to deal with I use my PIMPs exclusively! The nylon backing is a life saver for my undies, so I actually have nice ones now! I love the prints and colors, they make me excited to get dressed on period days. I find that I enjoy matching my PIMPs to the color shirt I'm wearing that day, and just knowing that puts a smile on my face throughout the day. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product.

Jazz—Orlando, FL

Thank you for making such an awesome product! Ever since I got my first period I have absolutely hated wearing disposable pads. They make me itch terribly, even the organic ones! For the past couple of years I've taken to sleeping on a towel instead of wearing a pad to bed... I stopped wearing tampons ages ago and switched first to sea sponges, which were alright but not great, then to a diva cup, which i love, but I still was wearing disposable pads and wanted something more comfortable as well as kinder to the environment and my budget so I started looking for cloth pads online. I wasn't keen on using separate inserts and all the other pads I found looked rather cheap and rather ugly to be honest. Luckily, I found Party In My Pants pads! I ordered a few super pads, a couple of medium pads, and some liners for my pre-period spotting (I have an IUD which causes a fair bit of spotting) about a month ago and I am so happy with them that I ordered some more yesterday. I tried to get my sister to order some with me so that we could get 20% off but she just started her first year of university and doesn't want her room-mates to see her used pads in the shared laundry (she's still in that "ewww, gross!" stage). Your pads are so beautifully made, with absolutely wicked patterns! They are unbelievably comfortable and I have not yet experienced a single leak, except for when I sleep on my back in the super pads which are just a bit short (I just ordered some overnight pads in "hootenanny" for the extra length). The shipping is surprisingly cheap, which is great for me being in Canada, and I don't get charged duties because your pads are actually made in the United States! All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made my life so much better!


I love love LOVE my PIMPS! I've become a believer. I really wanted to try cloth pads due to allergies with the disposable ones — but I wasn't sure if they would work. I started doing research and found this website. I read all the claims that they didn't leak and they were comfy and they washed well but wasn't sure. I agree to all of these! I love them so much, I'm ordering more! They fit so nicely, it's hard to tell they are on! I spread the word at work all day long!

Whitney—Clarksville, TN

I just got my second order of PIMPs and I am really loving them! I can't believe that it's taken me this long to convert from disposable products, these are sooooo much more comfortable! I love all the adorable patterns and how thin they are. I am definitely a customer for life.

Heather—Chicago, IL

As a new mom who was cloth diapering (my daughter's very first diaper was cloth and has been ever since unless we are traveling), I thought about using cloth for myself but ultimately decided that I didn't want the added work of cleaning my own cloth during the post partum period. Well, 6 weeks of bleeding and wearing disposable pads day and night changed my mind!!!! I had some tearing from childbirth and the disposables just irritated the stitches. I received my free Cloth Curious Panty Liner from PIMPs and I was hooked. I have ordered several more PIMPs in all different sizes and have just placed another order for 3 more panty liners. Due to breastfeeding, I haven't been able to try out the pads, but the panty liners have been awesome since it seems like daily discharge is higher during breast feeding (for me anyway). I am actually looking forward to the return of my cycle due to these pads. Thank you Party In My Pants for making such a great product! I will definitely be trying out your Queen pad for the post partum after my next baby!

Crystal—Tucson, AZ

"I found out about PIMPs through a livejournal community that's all about vaginas. :) After reading all about them I knew that as an environmentally-conscious person and longtime hater of the disposable pad, PIMPs are perfect for me and everyone else! My boyfriend bought some for me as a surprise and I LOVE them! They're soft, cute and amazing! Y'all are fabulous...I'm using PIMPs from now on! "

Corinne—Woodstock, GA

I got the free liner for Earth Day and LOVED the packaging! It was so prettily wrapped and came with chocolate!!! These ladies are smart!


Today I bought a menstrual cup and to help w/ my transition (I hear they leak at first), I bought a Party In My Pants liner. I was in the store and they made me laugh! I read the informational booklet while in the store and everything about the company and the product brought a smile to my face. When I got home I decided to buy three more online. There are times during my moon days that I don't really need too much protection and I figured I'd try these out for those days. They are so cute! Something I never thought I'd say about a product meant for my period :) I've already recommended them to my mother and I'm going to recommend them to other people.

Bridgette—Madison, WI

I've been using Party In My Pants for over a year now. I love that I save money not buying disposable products. I love that I'm not contributing to the waste in the landfills. And I love that they are pretty and colorful. They are not practical for traveling, in my experience, but are great for around the house. I just bought more so I don't have to wash mine every day during my period. A good spritz of spray and wash stain remover has helped keep them stain free for the most part, although lighter patterns do show some staining. These definitely are not for everyone, but if you already use pads this is a great alternative to wasteful disposable products.

Theresa—Madison, WI

After researching this product for a while now, I went ahead and made my first purchase this past week. I love the fun, girly fabric of my large PIMP, wished it was a little bigger though (I'm curvie). I love the idea of these Pads. In such a "disposible world" it is refreshing to toss something in the washer, rather than in the trash bin where it will just end up in a landfill somewhere. And aside from that, I just can't afford to keep throwing my money away.

Audra—Milwaukee, WI

Just received my package today! Luckily, I have maybe one more day in my cycle so I'll get to enjoy them as soon as they come out of the dryer! I just wanted to say Thank You for the fast shipping time as well as the beautiful work that goes into each and everyone of your products. I haven't gotten the chance to use it yet, but I promise as soon as I do, I'll post again! You ladies are helping women everywhere to become more green and comfortable in their own pants and skin. Thank you thank you thank you!

Chelsea—Canyon, TX

I just placed my second order of Party In My Pants and already have a cart filled for a third order!! Seriously, I love these pads!! They are so comfortable, well made and such a lovely array of prints! Thank you for outstanding service and a quality product! I have tried a wide variety of pads and these are at the very top of my list. I could not believe how well these worked for as thin as they are! PIMPs make that "time" something to actually look forward to. I've heard great things about these pads and so glad I listened!! I took the advice given as to the type of underwear to wear with these (snug and not loose) and I've had no problems with my pads shifting or bunching. So glad I splurged and ordered these in almost every size. I cannot wait to receive my latest order and place another one. :D. Thank you!!!!!


"OK. I haven't even used the thing yet, but what a thoughtfully-wrapped treat! I never get this from tampon conglomerates who just want to give me cervical cancer with their bleached tampons! A piece of chocolate? A handwritten note?! I'm telling everyone to come here!"

Emily—Chicago, IL

This is the photo of one very happy customer's ever expanding Party In My Pants collection. I fell in love with PIMPs after I got my Cloth Pad Curious Luxe Liner in the mail. It took a little getting used to after using my home-made liners, but I totally fell in love with it! I'm completely blown away with the company as well. I started buying my pads little by little but every time I received that package in the mail (which was always very speedily shipped by the way) it put a huge smile on my face. I even received a very nice handwritten note from the girls expressing their gratitude for being an ongoing customer. I would totally recommend PIMPs to anyone who is interested!

Carmi, IL

I took advantage of the free liner offer and I'm so glad I did. To be honest, the thought of cloth pads grossed me out. I worried about smell and leakage and what the other people in my home would think even though I do my own laundry. I have a cousin who uses nothing but cloth pads and she loves them and says she'll never go back. After hearing her say such good things so often I decided to look into it. I found the free liner offer and figured it would be the perfect way to decide for myself whether it was really gross like I'd first though, or amazing like other people said. Let me just say, my first thoughts were wrong. It wasn't disgusting or smelly like I thought. It washed completely clean the first time. It was amazingly comfy and the BEST part of all.... NONE of that awful irritation I would always get with disposable pads! I thought that irritation was just a part of life I was forced to deal with and I'm so glad I was wrong about that too. Not to mention the amount of money you save over time, it's just awesome. I would tell anybody who had the same thoughts I did initially to take advantage of the free offer and try it for yourself. If you don't like it (which you will probably love it) all you've lost is a little bit on shipping. I plan to buy more just as soon as I can.


After I had my baby, I thought, "Why is it that my baby gets to use cloth diapers, but I have to throw out pads?" So, I tried the overnight PIMP pad. It was much more comfortable and less irritating than the disposable one. I had no leaking and I felt better consciously. That’s important to feel, postpartum!

Erica—Mason, WI

I've always sewn clothes, regalia for traditional Native American dances and ceremonies, and tried in some way to keep resonance with what I believe. The moon time is always special, although when you travel thousands of miles, it gets a bit complicated to be in touch with yourself. I've hated disposable products, and this is the way to go. I love Luci and her way to help us all be real with our bodies and the earth.

Winona LaDukeWhite Earth Anishinaabe Nation, MN

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